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  1. domthebigbomb's Avatar
    Im trying to find a game like "Pheonix" on the Ti-84

    sorta like galaga where u have a space ship and u move left n right and shoot a big wave of "aliens" and everytime u complete the "level" u get to upgrade to new weapons and armor and stuff...

    suggestions are greatly appreciated
    2010-03-10 09:27 PM
  2. Hitone's Avatar
    There are many iphone applications which can be used for learning purposes. Skitrix is an example of such applications. To learn more about it just go to
    Can't see that is relevant to the enquiry.

    I also used to love Pheonix, Galaga and similar shoot em ups
    2010-08-27 12:09 PM
  3. robertr1's Avatar
    I'm too lazy to look right now but the original version of phoenix is called "space invaders"(it was an arcade game) that might be what it's called in the app store if it has it.

    EDIT: Just checked and space invaders is on the app store. Space invaders infinity edition seems to be more like phoenix though. Might want to look at those.
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    2010-08-28 01:38 AM