1. taterchips's Avatar
    I searched the forums and read a lot of info about push notification but am still cloudy on problems/fixes.

    My wife and I both have 3G 8G running 3.0.2, unlocked, jailbroken on T-mobile, and using Beejive for IM. We had been using Google Talk on G1 phones.

    We communicate a lot during the day about business and use IM for various reasons. Beejive is driving us nuts as we get no notification of IMs. Both are set to be logged for 24 hours and set to receive push notification. Sometimes I'll unlock my phone and notice I've received IMs based on looking at the Beejive icon, sometimes hours earlier, and am frustrated by the lack of notification.

    I've read the issue with certificates, etc. My main question is, does an app such as pushfix actually correct this issue? By using this app will I get instant notification of IMs with Beejive even when the phone is off (not powered off) and the program is not actively running (as opposed to logged off)?

    Sorry for the lack of understanding, but I'm just learning all the ins and outs of the unlocked phone.

    2010-03-24 08:30 PM
  2. iphonerookie's Avatar
    i think its a problem w/the phone(s) themselves. my beejive works fine, but i know people who have had to restore and then it worked again. Very strange indeed that it would just stop all of a sudden, but you aren't alone. You can try the pushfix and see if it works...better to see that than resort to restoring if you dont have to.
    2010-03-24 08:41 PM
  3. taterchips's Avatar
    Well, I bit the bullet and purchased pushix (pushfix.info). Uninstalled all push apps (just for fun), loaded up pushfix, tested (fine) and then re-loaded push apps including Beejive. All work like a charm now! Thank God!
    2010-03-25 03:07 AM