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    Nice app and its free at this time.... here is a little about it below...

    World Weather - iPhone weather forecast application with the most amazing, realistic weather animation, breathtaking graphic solutions, very simple, user friendly interface. The best choise in realtime weather conditions and weather forecast for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

    World Weather provides weather forecast for more than 850,000 cities worldwide. You can select any desired location by entering City, State, Country, ZIP code of Airport code.

    One week weather forecast information (in landscape mode) for any chosen location in your list. Realtime weather conditions (in vertical mode) comes along with:

    * GPS for location aware info
    * Amazing, realistic weather animation
    * Short description
    * Temperature (current, high, low)
    * Wind (speed, direction)
    * Humidity
    * Pressure
    * Dew Point
    * Visibility
    * Sunrise
    * Sunset
    * Moon phase

    World Weather current conditions information available in English system units (F, mph, in., miles) and Metric system units (C, m/s, hPa, km).

    Weather data from "Weather Underground"
    Welcome to Weather Underground : Weather Underground

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHIfy2FSgng]YouTube - Animated iPhone World Weather 1.2[/ame]

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    Oh thanks thisll be useful
    2010-03-28 09:02 AM
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    ^ Your welcome!
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