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    I would like to present you our new iPhone game - Zariba Quiz!
    Do you want to win 5000 US Dollars?

    Zariba Quiz is a challenging trivia game for iPhone or iPod Touch with rich graphics, cool animations, nice sounds and thousands of questions. It has global score board to show off your knowledge level and Facebook Connect to share it with friends.

    Zariba Quiz has 4 versions – FREE, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD. Each of them has thousands of questions and hours of fun.
    For the amazing chance to win 5000 US Dollars every month, you must play Bronze, Silver or Gold version and enter in the Top 100 with your score.

    You can see the video:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYUFMcSaS4I]YouTube - Zariba Quiz for iPhone - Play and WIN[/ame]

    Get the quiz now from here: Mobile ZaribaGames

    Play Zariba Quiz – Enter World Top 100 and have the chance to win 5000 US Dollars.

    Be the Chosen One. Get the Quiz NOW!

    I'll be happy if you share your opinion.

    Thank you!!!
    2010-03-29 02:57 PM
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    2010-04-01 04:27 PM