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    2010-05-19 06:42 PM
  2. moon#pie's Avatar
    download free spam at REPORTED!(dot)com!
    2010-06-19 11:38 PM
  3. tks18's Avatar
    Hi, Need a bit of guidance please.

    Bought new iphone 4, am selling my 3g to a friend. the 3g is jailbroken and unlocked and has all sorts of great third party apps including "back-up". I have tossed the old sim cards to this 3g. The apps are working on the old phone but I am stumped in how to get them on the new phone. The ip4 is not JB yet, I have not found the blackra1n or..
    that does that, they all seem to be betas.
    Can some kind soul give me step-by -step guidance on how to get me back? You may feel free email me directly if you wish, [email protected]
    2010-06-29 10:35 PM
  4. moon#pie's Avatar
    you can't until you are rejailbroken. but if you are just trying to transfer appstore apps (not cracked or cydia) just plugg the old phone into a computer, transfer purchases, and sync the new phone.
    2010-06-29 11:22 PM
  5. jmunny fo twunny's Avatar
    does anyone know of a site where users can share saved app data? for example say i beat THPS2 and wanted to upload the data so another user could download it, upload it to there phone, and be able to access all the cheats and characters that the first user unlocked.
    2010-07-01 07:07 PM
  6. moon#pie's Avatar
    Jmunny, there isn't one that I know of. But I don't think that it's a good idea because it's just piracy waiting to happen.
    2010-07-01 09:10 PM
  7. LastSonOfKrypton's Avatar
    Thank you very much Subscribed to the thread for later use
    2010-08-01 06:43 PM
  8. definitive's Avatar
    This is a great tutorial. This will cover my cydia apps too right?

    2010-08-12 07:33 AM
  9. moon#pie's Avatar
    it will only cover your appstore apps. use pkgbackup for cydia's apps.
    2010-08-12 04:44 PM
  10. cjuni's Avatar
    5. Make sure you now have the two files and the folder on your computer.

    Not sure what 2 files we are talkin about here, can someone please claify?

    Thanks in Advance
    Last edited by cjuni; 2010-10-14 at 11:41 PM.
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 4
    iPad2 64gb wi-fi
    iPad1 64gb/3G/wi-fi
    2010-10-14 11:38 PM
  11. moon#pie's Avatar
    sorry about that! I changed the instructions due to crashing issues to do with the time stamp. now you only have to move the tarballs folder.
    2010-10-14 11:42 PM
  12. cjuni's Avatar
    ok, thanks!
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 4
    iPad2 64gb wi-fi
    iPad1 64gb/3G/wi-fi
    2010-10-15 03:37 AM
  13. cjuni's Avatar

    Is there a tutorial for the pkgbackup? Also does this app support iso 4 for my iphone 4?

    Thanks in Advance
    Last edited by cjuni; 2010-10-24 at 03:37 AM.
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 4
    iPad2 64gb wi-fi
    iPad1 64gb/3G/wi-fi
    2010-10-24 03:09 AM
  14. moon#pie's Avatar
    pkgbackup is super simple. check google for tutorial. it should work on you iphone 4
    2010-10-24 05:40 AM
  15. DevouredDreams's Avatar
    pkgbackup is super simple. check google for tutorial. it should work on you iphone 4
    It does work to verify because i used it on my ip4 with no probs
    2010-10-24 05:41 AM
  16. jealtma's Avatar
    how do i change the permissions of the tarballs folder in windows 7?
    2010-11-07 02:55 PM
  17. moon#pie's Avatar
    it should be fine. no need to change permissions.
    2010-11-07 04:14 PM
  18. egatehouse's Avatar
    i did everything here .. but when i restore the tarballs folder, it shows that i have no backups?
    2010-11-10 02:44 AM
  19. moon#pie's Avatar
    did you run a backup for a second time before restoring the tarballs folder?
    2010-11-10 02:53 AM
  20. feralslash's Avatar
    Edit: We do not allow cracked apps or warez on MMi. Please review the rules and also support the devs that make the apps!
    Last edited by thetoothfairy; 2010-12-12 at 05:14 AM. Reason: cracked app talk
    2010-12-12 04:43 AM
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