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  1. Teemu's Avatar
    Hello ya all,

    We have released a FREE version of our memorygame MEMOSYNE today.

    Test your brains against increasingly challenging memorizing game.

    All you have to do is to repeat in the same order the sequence is shown to you. Just like in the memorygame from the 70's called Simon.

    The Lite version is a limited version in the means by gameplay and there is no local high scores nor online World Records.

    Try before you buy

    Get it for FREE from iTunes App Store:

    Lite version @ iTunes: iTunes Store (FREE lite version)

    Get the Full version: iTunes Store

    More information about the game and World Records from:
    Memosyne website

    2010-04-02 11:10 PM
  2. Teemu's Avatar
    *** QUICK update ***

    A quick update was released to make the game compatible to iPhone OS 3.0 and up. The first version was only 3.1.3 and up..

    This is a try before buy Lite version of Memosyne.

    In the full version - you will get local high scores and Global World Records that are combined with the scores from both iPhone version and Android version of Memosyne the memorygame.

    Best Regards,
    2010-04-10 08:16 PM