1. rayman121985's Avatar
    Hey gang,

    Is there a way to transfer my calendar to google calendar online? Also whats the easier way to get my contacts to google gmail contacts for backup? Or a way to get them via notepad or text ect?

    2010-05-18 06:47 AM
  2. bigdarlodave's Avatar
    i did it with ical on my mac but you need google sync installed, but not sure on if it will work with windows, but presume it will , you input all the details in google sync and away you go, then on the iphone info tab select the one that says sync google contacts
    2010-05-18 07:55 AM
  3. Cer0's Avatar
    I use google's sync. It works great for me.

    Google Sync for your phone
    2010-05-19 12:35 AM
  4. rayman121985's Avatar
    For whatever reason after I setup sync it got my contacts from my gmail to my iPhone but it won't do transfer my calendar from my iPhone to my online gmail account...I want to be able to view my caledar events that are on my iPhone online on my gmail calendar...is this possible? To send my calendar events to my online gmail calendar? Thanks!
    2010-05-20 03:19 PM
  5. z3r01's Avatar
    zyb synce...its cool because u can backup your contacts on it then when u restore or have another device u can just get them back instantly...it saves ur contacts online
    2010-05-20 03:44 PM