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    Hi all!
    We just released our Lite version of TrueCaller. In short term it can update your phonebook with missing information such as street, zipcode, area and country where data can be found.

    This lite version updates 5 contacts per month but I can re-enable it for users on this forum if you want to try it more.

    If you have any feedbacks, please post them here


    Update phonebook
    Our unique Update Phonebook feature searches through all your contacts and updates the ones without an address. Street, zip code, city and country are added if the information is publicly available. Nothing will be removed, just added.

    Call Filter
    Call Filter protects you from fraud, spam and unwanted calls with several unique features. If any of the fraud, spam or unwanted numbers we have listed so far will call you, a Blocked by TrueCaller notification will appear on your screen to warn you. You can then choose to answer or reject the call.
    The spam numbers consists of:
    - Well-known fraud and spam numbers added by the TrueCaller team.
    - Numbers that have been marked as unwanted by several other TrueCaller users.

    Number search
    This feature enables you to search for publicly available numbers and save the number and address information to your phonebook with one click. You can also choose to rate the number as spam, call it or show the related address on a map.

    Works in following countries:
    Argentina-BuenosAires• Austria• Belgium• Canada• Croatia• Cyprus• Denmark• Estonia• France• Germany • Hungary• India-Ahmedabad• India-Bangalore• India-Calcutta• India-Chennai• India-Delhi• India-Hyderabad• India-Mumbai• Israel• Italy • Luxembourg• Malaysia• Netherlands• Norway• Panama• Peru• Philippines• Poland• Portugal• Romania • Russia• Sweden• Switzerland• UK• US
    In some countries we might only support land line numbers.
    2010-05-26 02:29 PM