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    iTunes Link: iGoggled for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Just when you were getting used to beer goggles and the ever-increasing amount of alcohol-fueled escapades around your college campus and surrounding neighborhoods… iGoggled has arrived.

    In a world where online dating is becoming rapidly more popular and relationships increasingly informal, some find it difficult to engage in casual conversation, no matter how trivial. Fortunately there are methods for individuals of varying levels of sobriety, or lack thereof. Quickly becoming known as the "Party App," iGoggled provides a number of differing techniques with a ton of room for hilarious outcomes. You can almost be certain to find one that works at extending the length of your stay at a fellow male or female's residence; if not, at least you'll get a good laugh!

    Scenario: You walk into a party occupied by a number of individuals you have only been vaguely acquainted with. You grab your drink, engage in small-talk with your fellow peers, and begin to progress around the room. Your wandering eyes and sense of unfamiliarity with those around you leave you feeling nervous, and then, there… You see them. That person you think about even when you're consciously unable to think. It's time to get iGoggled.

    You: "How much would you have to drink to talk to HER/HIM?"
    Friend: "Honestly, she/he looks like a six-pack, nothing more."

    • A 10-drink unique rating system that includes "Single Shot," "6-Pack," "Molotov Cocktail," and MORE!
    • Hundreds of hand-picked, randomized configurations.
    • Detailed graphics, smooth transitions, practical sounds.
    • Super easy to use.
    • The Party App!!!
    • $0.99

    iTunes Link: iGoggled for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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    2010-06-06 09:56 AM