1. Nehal3m's Avatar
    I'm planning on getting an iPad for a substitute computer, so I need to get a document maker/editor and a PowerPoint maker/editor. I stuck on choosing between Quickoffice and the Pages and Keynotes applications. Which is better? (Yes, I know Quickoffice can only view PowerPoint files)

    Also, which are compatible with Dropbox? Thanks!
    2010-06-14 03:48 AM
  2. ebildude123's Avatar
    I'd suggest DocsToGo (DocumentsToGo) because it can make MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint docs, and fully functional too. You can bold under line change align, etc., just like on a regular comp.
    2010-06-15 11:10 PM
  3. smeeshum's Avatar
    Docstogo supports opening files direct from your mail app also, I came over to it from quickoffice and won't be going back. Dropbox works too
    2010-06-15 11:23 PM
  4. Nehal3m's Avatar
    But what about Pages and Keynotes? That doesn't seem that bad, even though it'll cost more
    2010-06-16 01:52 AM