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    "The third Sunday in June marks the day known as Father’s Day, at least in 52 countries around the world. This day, a celebration of fatherhood, is a tradition that began in 1910 when Sonora Smart Dodd decided to outwardly recognize the greatness of her father. While the idea was first faced with ridicule and mockery, President Woodrow Wilson approved the idea of making the day official in 1913. Only in 1972 did it become a permanent national observance day under the presidency of Richard Nixon.

    Why will 2010 mark the year of the greatest Father’s Day ever? Because we’ve created an application to assist you in all of your festivity needs. Fully equipped with a countdown to Father’s Day, some of our favorite gifts, celebration ideas, and a thorough history of the date, Father’s Day Festivities will provide you the ease you need to make Father’s Day the most memorable day of the year thus far.

    • Beautiful interface.
    • Incredibly easy to use.
    • Countdown timer.
    • Unique gift ideas.
    • Endless celebration suggestions.
    • Detailed Father’s Day history.

    Let us know how we can further improve this experience for you."

    App Store Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fathe...376504348?mt=8

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