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    Upgraded to iTunes 9.2 and iPhone 4 -- all of my third-party apps missing

    I'm not exactly sure where the issue came from, but I somehow lost all of my apps as I upgraded to iTunes 9.2 and the iPhone 4 today. But I figured out what happened and I have the solution, which I'd like to share...

    I should note that my iPhone 3GS was on 3.1.3 with the Spirit Jailbreak. All apps were purchased legitimately. The main problem I had with losing all my apps may not be related to the jailbreak at all, but I thought I should mention it. This occurred on June 24, 2010 (iPhone 4 launch day).

    The steps I took to upgrade to iTunes 9.2 and iPhone 4 were as such:

    1) I did a full sync and backup of my iPhone 3GS with iTunes 9.1.

    2) I upgraded iTunes 9.1.x.xx to iTunes (the first version compatible with iPhone 4).

    3) I activated my new iPhone 4 and set it up based on my 3GS's back up data.

    4) When it was done setting up the iPhone 4, I noticed that all of the native apps and their app data were intact, but I was missing the native text messaging app and all of my downloaded, third-party apps. Note that all the apps on my 3GS were obviously still intact.

    5) I figured out I missing the text messaging app on the iPhone 4 because it was the fifth app in my Five Icon Dock on my 3GS. I moved it out of the dock on my 3GS so I only had four apps in the dock and re-synced the 3GS.

    6) I noticed that I had zero apps in the iTunes library (at the top left under "Library"). Thus, with my 3GS plugged in, I right clicked on the iPhone in iTunes under "Devices" and selected "Transfer Purchases". This transferred all of the apps on my 3GS to the iTunes library.

    7) I plugged in my iPhone 4, and noticed that on the "Apps" tab under "Devices / iPhone name", the "Sync Apps" box was unchecked. So I checked it, and it gives you a scary message saying that all of the apps in the iTunes Library (which I had just populated in step 4) will overwrite the app data on your iPhone. I didn't have any app data on my iPhone 4, so I clicked "OK". All of the apps transferred from the iTunes Library to my iPhone 4 with all of the app data (game saves, etc) intact.

    So that's my solution. I'm sure this must be happening to other people. My main piece of advice is: after upgrading to iTunes 9.2 and syncing your old phone for the last time, make sure you have apps in your App Library and "Sync Apps" is checked. If not, follow the steps above.

    This same issue also happened to my friend, but he doesn't have his old iPhone 3GS to restore the app data from. If anyone has any suggestions as to how he can save his app data, please let me know. Thanks.


    Note: I also posted this in the Apple forums:

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Upgraded to iTunes 9.2 and iPhone 4 -- ...

    **Edit: and Apple apparently doesn't appreciate my help. They removed my post (it was only up for 10 minutes).**
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    2010-06-25 01:29 AM
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    This happened to me too iTunes does not backup the application file, I lost so many apps too. I wanna kill apple for not giving any type of warning.
    2010-06-25 06:20 PM
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    So did this happen as you upgraded to the iPhone 4, or were you just upgrading iTunes 9.2? Was your phone jailbroken?

    You should note that my friend was able to re-download his apps, and the app data (game saves, etc) were preserved.
    2010-06-25 08:11 PM