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    In my frustration with Skype taking their old sweet time releasing the iOS 4 version of their app (which was functional enough to be demo'd on a world stage in early April), I researched alternatives . . .

    Part of the reason Skype gets away with taking forever and a day to give their customers what they want is because there aren't many viable VoIP competitors on the iPhone.

    Line2 (run by Toktumi) is the most legit alternative I've found that's fully iOS 4 ready. Yes, it backgrounds and receives incoming calls without opening the app.

    Toktumi markets Line2 as a second line (like Google Voice) that can use wifi VoIP when available, and cellular minutes when wifi isn't available . . . BUT a little secret about Line2 is that it can be used as VoIP over 3G without using any cellular minutes! I set it to VoIP only, and downgraded to the cheapest AT&T plan. Line2 could be cheaper (see below), but I'm still saving $$ this way.

    Call quality is pretty good - I didn't drop any calls, even when testing it from a basement.

    It costs $15/mo., which could be lower, but they give you a free month to try it first. They do guarantee the rate for life, which is refreshing when you consider Skype's upcoming "calling over 3G charges."

    To use it for VoIP only (Skype style) just set call mode to only VoIP, and then enable the "VoIP over 3G" setting.

    I'm sticking with Line2 for now, but hoping competition will soon increase for iPhone VoIP providers, giving us lower prices and a more significant savings over AT&T.
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