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    Planning to visit Guangzhou Asian Games 广州亚运 2010?

    Look no further, this iPhone apps for you!

    1. Offline features!
    免费使用, no need to pay expensive roaming fee!
    All the important features can be accessed offline. Designed to save you money. And provide immediate access.

    2. Expert advice on the 16th Asian Games or the New Guangzhou!
    Guangzhou has undergone major changes for the 16th Asian Games 2010, throw away your old obsolete Travel books. Just download and use this app.
    Xtown team worked closely with local experts and updated regularly, the app provide uptodate info on which Venue or competition to see first, which restaurant is in fashion, where to shop for hippest souvenir, and which bar/club to check out.. None of the old school stuff, and only the top recommendation.. It's the Internet age, who needs 500 restaurants listing?

    3. Practical x Great Navigator!

    Best travel method in Guangzhou is thru Taxi, cheap and most places are near, but don't speak Canton-ese 广州话? Or Putongua/Mandarin 普通话? No problem, just click your destination and we can provide a Taxi card for you to show your driver. The Metro map and important area maps are also provided offline free access.

    4. xClipper, bring your own! Personalize to your liking!
    Read something from friends on Facebook? Done some personal research?

    Just use the free download xClipper PC browser tool to "Clip" your research and sync to Your iPhone! Download link : ::::Clipper:::::
    2010-07-01 08:17 AM
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    I Love the xclipper function of the xTown Shanghai tour app I bought from the app store very much, whether I read something from friends on Facebook or done some personal research,
    I can just use the free download xClipper PC browser tool to "Clip" my research and sync to my iPhone!
    2010-07-05 04:58 AM