1. cypherstream's Avatar
    Ok, so I have a slow as molasses 3G which requires me to toggle airplane mode on and off to get 3G to come back on most days. So it's time to upgrade, and I got the iPhone 4 today.

    Prior to connecting it up, I backed up my 3G and that took an enormous amount of time (6.5gb of data). Once finished I activated the iPhone 4 and said restore it as an existing phone. Now it did say it was installing applications, podcasts, etc... but when this was all finished, I got a pop up box with many errors on it.

    First of all, it says an Unknown Error has occurred. Oh really? If it's unknown, then how do you know if it's an error!

    It just says this hex code 0xE8008001 next to each app.

    Any idea's what causes the error?
    2010-07-01 05:31 PM