1. shurlock3's Avatar
    I hope they update pogoplank to work properly with os 4.0. I don't have a dock and the pogoplank disappears when I open cydia or rock and weather channel and close them. I have to open my phone app and close it to get pogoplank to open. You would think pogoplank would have an update for os 4.0 by now. I would down grade to the old os 3 if I could.
    2010-07-11 07:15 PM
  2. evolv's Avatar
    I have the same probleme : no dock and I can't access to many apps.
    2010-08-09 10:43 PM
  3. souceror's Avatar
    Hi guys

    Ive had the same problem with pogoplank altho a very reliable source tells me that an update will be with us shortly so hang in there dudes!
    2010-08-17 02:53 AM
  4. t080920's Avatar
    its not gonna happen. mine dsnt work either
    2010-10-15 06:08 AM
  5. Anthonok's Avatar
    It will NEVER be updates. I got pogoplank the day it was released and they have been promising 2.0 for over a year. So don't expect any updates. EVER
    2010-10-17 09:01 PM