1. james0078's Avatar
    guys check out the new photo edit and filtering app named IRIS PHOTO SUITE..........i am amazed by using its features........the apps like photo fx are no where close to IRIS.........the app is definately worth....
    2010-07-15 12:18 AM
  2. ianbroste's Avatar
    Looks pretty cool. Might check it out. I like that it says it saves the images in higher resolution for iphone 4. Is this your app?
    Have they released the jailbreak in the app store yet?
    2010-07-15 01:15 AM
  3. james0078's Avatar
    No its not my app,i was just pretty excited to use this on my iphone 4...........and found it really worth the price. Do get this app before its price gets increases. Its a new app and its selling quite cheap.
    2010-07-15 05:38 AM
  4. devilL's Avatar
    there are so many photo editing apps with amazing features

    take a look with this new app called amopic, i am impressed by the functions it provides

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDn98gC8qxI]YouTube - amopic - make your own cd cover on iPhone[/ame]
    2010-08-03 07:13 PM
  5. devilL's Avatar
    hmm amopic iPhone is on sale for 1 week, from US$4.99 to US$2.99

    Reason: boss out of town, staff sneak into his office and play around with the price tag


    2010-08-08 05:32 AM
  6. elizabethtusaad's Avatar
    There are many photo editing applications like Cropulator,SP Photo Fix Lite,Polarize etc. I prefer IRIS PHOTO SUITE. “Iris” is a collection of highly optimized set of tools and filters that are commonly used in the industry to correct and enhance digital images.
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    2010-08-10 01:22 PM
  7. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    I like Photoshop. Editing pictures on your phone is like trying to drive an 18 wheeler in a residential area. There isn't enough space to do anything.
    2010-08-10 01:36 PM
  8. berryrock's Avatar
    You can use GIMP photo editor. It is nice software, you can edit, resize, crop etc. It is easy to use and its very light-weight software. You will enjoy with that. Its really very effective and reliable software.
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    2010-08-12 08:11 PM