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    This is for users with Palringo Premium accounts only.

    I found a fix for the people that are using Palringo app on the iPhone that cant see his own avatar and neither your contacts cant see you. Here it is. If you had a free account from appstore and you upgraded to a Premium account thru appstore, once you install it, what it is doing is overwriting some files that you had already from your free account and apparently on your iPhone program still some parts of your free Palringo app that you had before and it gives you that conflict. For people that already upgrade from appstore to premium account without uninstall your free Palringo app first all you got to do is uninstall your free Palringo messenger, reboot your iphone and go to appstore again and make a search about Palringo Premium, download it to your iPhone, dont worry you are not going to loose any contact or another messengers accounts and your appstore account are going to recognize that you bought it already, you dont have to pay for it again, install it and you are going to be able to see your avatar and your contacts too. For people that want to upgrade to premium, just uninstall your free Palringo messenger first, reboot your iphone and then install the Palringo Premium app and everything are going to be fine.

    Now for the people from Palringo or developers, now you know where you can start to fix the problem that you all had since a long time ago. Nothing is wrong with your website accounts, is something to be with the way Palringo makes the upgrade over the free Palringo app.
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