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    Hi guys!
    I am confused.
    There are a lot of themes ,apps etc here on MODMYI..Well.
    You can download whatever you want,but there is no description how to install it on IPhone?
    Sometimes you can read :"Open/SSH etc etc "
    Yeh,but how?
    Can anyone will provide with exact steps of how in future install apps,themes etc on Iphone?
    Thanks a lot
    2010-07-27 11:54 PM
  2. rumcajs's Avatar
    http://modmyi.com/forums/skinning-th...my-iphone.html ....post#6

    google is your friend...
    2010-07-28 12:06 AM
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    Hi all Iphone open sourse communiti!
    I just fixed commcon Cydia error and I know alot of you guys getting the same error msg like"No data 1,NO data 2 ,failed to fetch etc etc
    Here is a simple solution:
    1.Open Cydia
    2.Add repo(cydia.*************)
    3.Tap "Done" in the upper corner
    4.Download Cyfix- and you are all set!!!
    I just did it and fixed that problem.
    Good Luck

    Sorry: repo:cydia.*************



    I don't know why it does not allow me to type "THE FILTER IS THERE FOR A REASON. DO NOT GO AROUND IT."

    and then .com
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    2010-07-28 01:11 AM
  4. rumcajs's Avatar
    because this repo contain pirated apps. This site is not allowing any cracked apps/warez talk... read rules of this site.
    2010-07-28 01:19 AM