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    Originally written by Phanatic of ipod-hacking.com

    Sim City has been around for a very long time, and now it is on iPod touch and iPhone. You may wonder how an entire city could fit in just your hand, but it performs very nicely.

    When you first start up the game you get a screen like this, the only option you really need is play of course! (scenarios are for people who really know what they're doing!)

    After choosing play you get to customize your city name, your mayor name and other details such as the terrain. Also you can choose to do a tutorial, which i recommend doing as it is very helpful with getting you started with the game; something i could have used back in the day when I was playing playing sim city 2000 on my old computer!

    Gameplay is basically the same as other sim city games, all of the basic elements are there: zoning, utilities, roads, etc. If you have played the game before you will be able to get into it very easily and probably spend long amounts of time building up your town. If you have never played Sim City before try it out and you might just get hooked! The controls obviously being optimized for a touch screen are surprisingly very easy to use and definitely increase the level of playability. It is not a chore to get the zone sizes right or roads the correct length.

    Of course there are a lot of elements to explore in the game screen, and lots of charts/graphs dealing with a city. It is no simple task to run a city, but if you follow the basic zoning rules outlined in the tutorial and pay attention to the request of the citizens you should do fine. It is a lot of fun being in control and watching something you made grow.

    some cool things:
    -click the "..." button to view citizen requests
    -the game goes right to the city you were working on last time you were playing
    -click the help button to get help on virtually everything
    -speed it up to see some changes happen!

    overall the game is enjoyable to play and familiar to those who have played the game before, but you could get lost in the plethora of image-only button options

    visuals: 9.7 - i would love to zoom in just a litttle bit more to see that detail!
    controls: 10.0 - great adaption to the touch interface
    audio: 6.0 - music can be annoying, listen to your own
    replay value: 8.5 - you will most likely only want to be playing this if you have some time on your hands, cities take time!
    value for money: 8.0 - $7.00 is two dollars too high in my opinion, but it is a extensive game

    overall: 8.5 - a good game for sure

    2010-08-11 02:33 AM