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    So I noticed a few of my Apps had updates today and decided to go ahead and do that.

    Well the app store minimized and went to the home screen and all the updating apps said 'waiting'. I couldn't delete the troubled apps as they were being updated nor couldn't manually restart the update either.

    I could tell that the update was frozen instantly. So I tried a re-spring, nothing. Tried a reboot, nothing. Tried turning my data, phone, and WiFi off, nothing.

    So finally I decided to sign out of my iTunes account and sign back in. Voila! restarted the update and everything went fine, aside from some of my icons being moved from there previous spot.

    Figured I would share this if anyone else is having app store problems. Signing out and back in will be the first thing I try from now on!

    It was an apple TOS update that caused the issue I believe since I logged back in and it prompted me with the agreement.
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    2010-09-02 09:53 PM
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    It happens if your Internet connection drops at the moment you click the install button, between iTunes closing and the app beginning to load.

    A sync fixes it for me.
    2010-09-03 04:20 AM