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    So i downloaded graalclassic online from the app store a little while ago. I liked it. Today, I jailbroke with limera1n and got graalclassic online+ from **********. I opened it and it was the exact same changes like there SHOULD have been (e.g. premium items, customizable character, etc.) I went to the about section of the game and it confirmed that it was the + (plus) addition. I was very confused. I pushed the restore button on the game to restore any additional add ons that might have been purchased to see if it would "restore" all of the premium features that the + edition has. After pushing it, the game crashed and I temporarily disconnected from wifi. Moments later, an update appeared in the app store. It was an update to the newer version (1.9?) of the game. This was odd as I never actually purchased the game from the app store. The update says "free" and it's a legit version (of course sine its from the app store) unlike mine which I got from **********. I checked to see if I had accidentally purchased the game in all this mayhem. It still said I hadn't purchased it (it said "$1.99" instead of saying "installed" in the app store)

    My question is, will it automatically purchase the game if I install the free, legit update? Or have I already accidentally purchased it? Because it still says I have the option to buy the game as opposed to it already being installed.

    Is is safe to update via the app store since it says free without being charged the purchase price of the game?
    2010-10-11 04:40 AM