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    We couldn't find any other easy way to make these 4 apps a bundle for $1 than giving 3 of them (Buzzle Puzzle, Squazzle Puzzle, Dizzle Puzzle) for FREE.

    Try and if you like them, buing the 4th one (Trizzle Puzzle) would be a good deal for both.

    4 apps - 4 shapes
    Buzzle Puzzle - hexagon, easy
    Squazzle Puzzle - square, classic/medium
    Dizzle Puzzle - diamond, hard
    Trizzle Puzzle - equilateral triangle, tricky (hard to learn, easy later)

    - OpenFeint powered leaderboards and achievements
    - free play and challenge modes
    - you can choose pictures from gallery included in the game, your photo albums or photo taken by the camera

    HD YouTube video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yARt6vEGEpM]YouTube - Buzzle, Squazzle, Dizzle, Trizzle[/ame]
    2010-10-30 03:01 PM
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    2010-11-02 07:39 AM