1. andypropaganda's Avatar
    So has anyone heard any updates on when the official Google Voice app might be coming out for the iPhone? I know there are a lot of people waiting on this, and I'm sure if the ModMyI crew had heard anything it would have been up in the news so I don't I'm even going to get a response for this, but I figured that I would try regardless.
    iEat. iSleep. iPhone.
    2010-11-03 04:00 AM
  2. DanTheManMS's Avatar
    No clue when the official app is coming out, but for now GV Mobile+ is working fine for me. I set up Gmail to forward all SMS messages to Boxcar, and set up Boxcar to open up GV Mobile+ as it default URL, and it works well enough. Granted, I'm using the old version of the app specifically because the new version has spellcheck/autocorrect intentionally disabled, but it works.

    Another option in the meantime is to use GVMax with an instant messenger application like Beejive that supplies push notifications for Google Chat messages.

    A third option is GV SMS Extension, a recent jailbreak application available on Cydia that integrates Google Voice SMS messages with the iPhone native SMS app. I'm waiting until this hits iOS 3.x personally, but if you're on iOS 4.x then it's a viable option.
    2010-11-04 06:23 AM
  3. GoldenTequila's Avatar
    Is anyone else growing impatient? It's been a while since the news came out saying the official google voice app was coming.

    Anyhow, nice tips, DanTheMan. I have just one question. When you say GV SMS Extension integrates, will that use up text plan?
    2010-11-09 06:32 PM
  4. DanTheManMS's Avatar
    SMS GV Extension, by itself, will not use up text messages. You configure Google Voice to place a copy of your text in your inbox and NOT forward it to your phone, and SMS GV Extension monitors the inbox and uses that to deliver notifications for incoming messages. This means that you need to have your Gmail account set to Push or you'll only get messages on your fetch interval.

    SMS GV Extension integrates directly with the Messages app, so it won't use up your texts by default, at least not for new messages. If however someone texts your real phone's number, and you reply to that message, I believe it will yield to the standard texting plan and count against your AT&T limit. Otherwise it will reroute all incoming and outgoing texts through GV instead.
    2010-11-12 07:02 AM
  5. anubisawakening's Avatar
    You guys know that the official Google Voice app is now out. I've already downloaded it and it works great and with ease. All I had to do was sign-in and I'm already dialing out.

    Best part was that it's FREE!!
    2010-11-17 09:53 AM