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    Synkontact—An Easy Tool to Migrate Contact Information Between iPhone and The other Popular Mobile Platform

    Synkontact is an easy tool to migrate contact information between iPhone and the other popular mobile platform. There is no

    PC or Mac involved. Just download Synkontact from AppStore to your iPhone and follow instructions inside the application.

    1 Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android、Android to iPhone、iPhone to iPhone and Android to Android.

    2 When downloading contacts to your new phone from the server, Synkontact supports:
    "Keep Local" means the local contact will be kept intact and no new information will be added.
    "Merge into Local" means new information will be added to the local contact if it does not exist, say a new phone number.
    "Override Local" means the local contact will be removed and the new contact be created from the downloaded information.
    Two contacts are considered same if both first name and last name are the same.

    3 How long will the contact data be kept on the server?
    If data is not deleted by the user, it will be kept for 30 days on the server.

    4 Link:
    iTunes App Store ? iPhone?iPod touch? iPadSynkontact
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