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    There is a lot of stresses in our life,bubble tap tap is an ultimate way to find some real fun and get relief from stress. Let’s have a test of your reflexes and tapping speed! tap the bubble on the screen, the bubble will be bursted, win scores, and you will earn extra score randomly, system will record your tap speed ,accurancy,bad pop, good pop and so on, also you can publish your score via email ,facebook and twitter.and you can upload your score on game center.

    It takes advantage of the advanced accelerometer and touch screen technology present on the iphone and ipod touch. Delight in hours of masterful gameplay with this brilliant bubble challenge.You will be interested, amazed and charmed every time you start a new game.So this will never make you bored! Always a fresh and new gameplay!

    - Sound of this game gives you the real feelings
    - Simple and intuitive control
    - game center
    - share with friends on facebook or twitter
    - via email

    Don’t forget to submit your review whatever it’s good or bad. Your reviews will really help us to improve “bubble Tap Tap”.



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    2010-11-10 02:37 PM
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    someone has got 800 point on this, what about you ?
    2010-11-10 03:24 PM
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    happy tapping
    2010-11-22 04:56 PM
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    now 60000 people are available on game center
    2010-11-23 05:09 PM