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    Hi there,

    I've tomtom maps on my iphone, but it is in my native language according to my iOS language. There is no option in tomtom app to change the language to a different one and I was wondering if there is a way to tweak it so my tomtom runs in english so I can use computer voices.

    At the moment TomTom doesn't support my native computer voice language and when TomTom is running on my iphone it doesn't show computer voices at all. I need to change my iOS language to be able to use computer voices in TomTom.

    This is a question to developers, as you probably know what "key" is responsible for setting tomtom's language automatically according to the iOS language..

    I renamed Polish.lproj so that tomtom app can't use it and it worked, but only once, then my iphone started acting weirdly, some random things changed to english, some remained polish. I had to restore the renamed file to the original state, do few resprings to get my iphone working properly. Strange, but I'm sure there is another way of doing this.

    In fact this is the only app I don't want to run in my native language, until tomtom start supporting Polish Computer Voice, which is already done by LoquendoTTS...

    Thanks in advance!
    2010-11-13 03:52 PM