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  1. prolilmeek's Avatar
    I am running a 4th gen iPod Touch on 4.1 but FindMyiPhone became free recently but I'm jailbroken and I don't want to update just yet is there anyway to input the app to work with 4.1 cause I have the app downloaded to my touch but it needs me to verify it. Is there any app in the Cydia store or a file mod to make the app think it's on 4.2? Like I think there is one called firmware changer or something but is there something to trick it? Cause in the instructions also I got to go in settings and it looks different the screenshots instead of mine. What can I do make FindMyiPhone app work on 4.1?
    2010-11-24 11:12 PM
  2. mapsurfer's Avatar
    Won't it just install from itunes? Should just work.
    2010-11-29 11:21 PM
  3. prolilmeek's Avatar
    It installs fine yes but to set it up? It won't work
    2010-11-29 11:29 PM