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    I would like to know if anyone knows why apps from the app store would be taking screenshots of your activity. Maybe this has been discussed before and I just never heard about it. Perhapse the Dale Gribble in me, has me upset about nothing. Though for the life of me, I can't think of any reason why an app would need to take a screenshot of your activity with out your knowledge, other than to send it to someone who is spying on your activities.

    I bought a new app last night and wanted to see some files inside of it. So I opened iFile (Cydia app) and made my way to the new app. For some reason, I clicked on a folder I normaly don't bother to look in because its usually empty or I have no intrest in the contents inside. Then after opening a few more folders inside that folder, I found the folder that said "Snapshots". I opened it then clicked on the Image file and there it was. A screenshot of that app while I was using it. WOW! I was looking at a picture where my personal data was shown and stored on my iDevice. I wanted to check other apps since this may be isolated. But One after another after another all had snapshots of my activity. Most only had 1 screenshot. Two had 2 screenshots. Not all apps had a screenshot though. Mostly because I still havent used many apps since upgrading to the iPhone4 from the 3GS. Many screenshots were relativly fresh. So I am guessing it takes screenshots on a regular basis and replaces older shots.
    If anyone knows why this is happening, Feel free to explain it to me. In the mean time, you might wanna think twice before using any bank apps, paypal apps or other money transfer apps.

    Here is an example ot the path I used to find this Snapshot.

    User/Applications/09dh edhdyfjgi5858 (or "appziilla" depending how your file viewer shows this)/Library/Caches/Snapshots/com.fossilsoftware.appzilla/[email protected]
    2010-11-29 07:39 PM
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    Those (snapshots) are just images shown while you switch back into an app (multitasking) While it loads what it needs back into memory. But, yes, some (most?) apps DO "spy" on you, they record usage data and send them back to a server.
    2010-11-29 09:01 PM
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    That somewhat makes sense. I still dont like it.
    2010-11-29 09:15 PM