1. iFeck's Avatar
    Whats the best app to use to remotely connect to my pc? I've heard of iTelepport but don't want to pay for it and then find out its not very good or theres some other better app available?

    Also what sort of security risks are there by using these types of apps - any at all? Moreso when phone is JB'd?

    Lastly does anyone know of a sick way to turn PC on remotely without calling a family member to do this for you?!?!?
    2010-12-26 04:03 AM
  2. ab6324's Avatar
    You can use these apps to turn your PC off, but I'm pretty sure there's no way to turn it on. I have iTeleport and it's awesome. I bought it so I could play online poker Not exactly the best way to spend $30.00, but I have no issues with the app. There are other app options depending on the reason you need to connect to your PC. If you need to access files, I recommend a free alternative like Dropbox.
    2011-01-11 11:42 PM
  3. ab6324's Avatar
    And there's no risk using apps like iTeleport on a jailbroken iPhone, especially if you pay for them. Cracked apps might be free, but they do come with a price. Just be sure you read and thoroughly understand how to handle certain apps to prevent unwanted events from occurring.
    2011-01-11 11:47 PM