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    A quote from NAVVGPS's most recent press release:

    NAVV iPhone Navigation North America LIVE NOW

    In the Mobile Application world, knowing who your customers are and making sure you have the products and services they want becomes even more imperative than it is in the "real" world... The corner grocery needs only to approximate what customers really want because the convenience factor brings in the business. But when you eliminate this advantage--when customers can go anywhere to get what they want--you'd better know what they're looking for.

    NAVV, a leading provider of onboard navigation applications in European Apple App Stores, wants to shout from their snow-covered rooftop in Amsterdam that they know exactly what you are looking for: simple and efficient navigation app on your iPhone for $24.99. This is why NAVV is taking their software to North America, literally. By ‘taking to North America’ they specifically mean a hard launch of their turn-by-turn iPhone navigation product line for the United States of America, Mexico and Canada.

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    Itunes Link → NAVV USA for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    2011-01-05 01:26 PM