1. soulthoughts's Avatar
    In my new office I don't get cell reception. I need to be able to receive texts though. I do have access to wifi though. Any ideas?
    2011-01-07 06:36 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    textPlus is a good one i think
    2011-01-07 06:45 AM
  3. MaudmyiPhone's Avatar
    I second that notion
    2011-01-07 06:45 AM
  4. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Get a MicroCell
    2011-01-07 06:53 AM
  5. Cowboy's Avatar
    Get a MicroCell
    But if he can't put out signal for example a metal building it will be useless
    2011-01-07 06:58 AM
  6. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Nope, its all routed via the wifi
    2011-01-07 07:00 AM
  7. Cowboy's Avatar
    WTF was I thinking. I wasn't that was the problem!
    2011-01-07 07:01 AM
  8. StealthBravo's Avatar
    They work great
    2011-01-07 07:02 AM
  9. Cowboy's Avatar
    Did you get yours free I did lol
    2011-01-07 07:05 AM
  10. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I bought one and got one for free.
    2011-01-07 07:07 AM
  11. Cowboy's Avatar
    You call in?
    2011-01-07 07:09 AM
  12. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Call in to what?
    2011-01-07 07:12 AM
  13. Cowboy's Avatar
    Att to get the free one or did u go instore
    2011-01-07 07:15 AM
  14. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I called into AT&T and they shipped one out but I didnt want to wait so I went to the store and bought one.
    2011-01-07 07:17 AM
  15. soulthoughts's Avatar
    I'll try text plus next. Whats App works so far.

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    2011-01-07 06:51 PM
  16. Cowboy's Avatar
    I am just not a fan of what's up myself seemed to be slow
    2011-01-07 06:54 PM
  17. DanTheManMS's Avatar
    I'd suggest Google Voice myself. You will of course have to have everyone switch to your new number, but you'd have to do that with any free textin app anyway. The official GV app still needs landscape support for decent texting, but otherwise it works well for me.
    2011-01-08 12:20 AM