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    I'd like to present one of our first game for iPhone (iPad version coming shortly). iTabo is a simple, addictive word game. Perfect for meeting with friends and colleagues. I can assure you that once you play this with your friends there is going to be a lot of fun!

    Rules are pretty simple you have to describe a keyword without using taboo words (everything is given on a game card). Our software calculates your scores and gives interesting statistics. But best would be if you try it out yourself with your friends). If you still want some hint about the game here is more info:

    Facebook (short movie available here.


    Get it now

    Also for users of this portal we got some free codes. All you have to do is to propose a game card. For instance:

    Keyword : Woman

    Taboo words: Female, Girl, Pretty, Right, Feminism (these words your team mates can't use when trying to describe a keyword).

    First 5 people who post their game cards in this thread will receive a free code from us. 1 code for 1 person.

    We would love to get any feedback from you, suggestions, proposals, info about game cards (easy, difficult) etc.


    p.s. if this is wrong forum please free to move it.

    Codes ready and waiting for you.
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    Word: James Bond
    Taboo words: Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Goldeneye, 007, Die Another Day

    Word: Mango
    Taboo words: Fruit, peel, tree, India, Philippines

    Word: Popeye
    Taboo words: Sailor, spinach, Sweetpea, Olive Oyl, tattoo

    Word: Garfield
    Taboo words: Lasagna, Odie, cat, lazy, fat

    Words: Jeans
    Taboo words: Blue, denim, cowboy, pants, Levi
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    Thank you for so many proposals (your free code should be at your pm already), unfortunately 1 person gets only 1 code So there are still some waiting.
    2011-01-14 11:47 AM
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    iTabo Free version uploaded for a review. Now you will have a chance to test our application without any risk. Try it first then decide if you would like such an app. Free version of application has a limit of 50 taboo cards, which should be enough for a game.
    2011-01-19 10:34 AM
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    A free version of iTabo is already available. Make sure you play it once with your friends and it is going to became a must thing at every party.

    iTabo Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    2011-01-26 04:02 PM