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    iPhone\iPad game “Paradise Island: Exotic” review

    Recently I have noticed new free game in appstore. Set it on the device and ... Eight hours later there was an "oops" ... Dawn crept upon me and I remembered that I had to go to work. And better eat something too.
    "The hell with it" I thought ... and started building a water park for tourists ...
    In the evening when I was back from work after being up all night, I was angry at myself and decided that suffering alone is not fun ... well go on and read further.
    Dreaming about your own business?
    Looking with envy at the masters of life who have everything, even an island in the warm ocean?
    Just want to relax and have fun?

    If you are a happy owner of iDevice join the elite club of Paradise Island: Exotic players.
    The game is amazing with its high quality, large number of unique objects and various items.

    The essence of the game is in its name: you become the owner of the island, having plenty of development opportunities and a small initial capital. The capital includes some gold + piasters, which you can buy with cash or get for achieving new level. You also receive piasters for completing simple tasks or find some in secret chests. So what is hidden under such a long and “exotic” name?

    It hides a lot, such as:
    - Perfectly implemented development of your island
    - New advantages for each level
    - You choose the way to develop your island, what to build and where to invest your honest pennies
    - Easy and understandable plot
    - Plenty of rankings, which give you an opportunity to take on players all over the world
    - A wonderfully thought-out economic component
    and much much more

    The first thing that attracts attention is a dynamic story. Starting from tutorial, you are totally absorbed in the whirl of events and you aren’t able to leave the game for a few hours.
    After installing the application on your device, you become the owner of a small piece of land on the huge empty island. Tutorial pop-ups help you for the first few minutes, but actually you can do fine even without it.

    Your goal is to become the coolest of all players. We get a lot of opportunities for that.
    Your cool dude rate is in ranking system, in the size of the island, which you can increase by earning money, in the great number of unique objects which can be bought in the shop.

    A little bit about the game mechanics:
    At the beginning we have excellent prospects, during the training buildings are being built almost instantly and don’t require more money, than you have from the start.
    But just after half an hour gaming you notice one detail: the construction is done during real time and the only way to increase its speed is by paying gold or piasters.
    You have a lot of money in the game, of course if you invest them wisely. You can build an entire economic empire by placing a complex of hotels and lot of entertainments.

    If you connect your device to internet, you are able to challenge other players in ratings through OpenFeint network. But for the game itself internet is not necessary. For example I’m playing in traffic jams or subway.

    In general - the possibilities of a unique development with each level become all the more limitless. In technical terms, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of application lags though quality of game graphics is fairly high.
    Game has pleasant, relaxing background music. It reminded me the melodies of the first consoles back in eighties of last century, it definitely has its charm.
    In general, I am ready to give the highest rank award to producers of that game.
    Developers have been able to accommodate into a few simple steps many directions of development and opportunity to kill a lot of time with interest.

    From 22 december 2010 our game is available both on iPhone and on iPad in HD quality

    Graphics: 5
    Storyline: 4
    Music: 5
    Update quality: 5
    Total: 5

    Requires firmware is not lower than 3.0
    Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

    Languages: Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian

    Video link: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TCIsdxmEIc]YouTube - Paradise Island Exotic. iPhone[/ame]
    Link to appstore for iPhone : link
    Link to appstore for iPad: link

    Information about developers: # Seller: Game Insight LLC # © 2010 Game Insight, LLC, web-site: link

    Application info: version 1.1.1, device iPhone 3.1.3 + support iOS 4
    Review author: Shemar, [email protected]

    iPhone\iPad game “Paradise Island: Exotic” review
    2011-01-27 01:53 PM
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    I've been thinkin about the game...might have to give it a shot. I was never a huge fan of these city like games though. Just been tough to find a well executed game I guess.
    2011-01-27 10:04 PM