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    iPhone App for cheap international calls. Quest for SIM card in India

    India is exotic country in every way.

    Ancient traditions and rich culture mixed with colonization experience.
    India brings surprises on each step you make.
    Starting from Airport when you have to breach through mob of taxi drivers excited about your coming.
    Human traffic is not ordinary experience too.
    You can feel yourself a grain of sand in the ocean under burning sky.
    But first you have get out of airport.

    After surviving first waves of local tourist hunters you can follow different scenarios.

    Best beaches - Goa.

    You heard about it certainly, if you havenít spent last 15 years sitting in the cave. Ayurvedic massage, night dance sessions right on the beach, watching dolphins while eating breakfast. Itís all about Goa.

    Unique architectural heritage is another India treasure.
    Taj Mahal in Agra, Golden Temple in Punjab and many others.
    It takes a lot of traveling to visit different attractions, since many of them located in different part of country.

    Money, bottle of water, what else?

    Your cellphone.

    Since you never knew when you need to make or take call.

    Thereíre several ways to stay connected in India.

    - International roaming from your homeland operator.
    - Travel SIM cards.
    - Local SIM card.

    Letís look closer into each

    1) Expensive ridiculous prices.
    2) Not in India, since no free incoming calls and still cost a fortune.
    3) Cheap and easy. Details below. (

    Among many cell operators in India, I would like to focus your mind on Airtel and Tata.
    Airtel provides excellent network coverage, but more expensive when Tata.
    As for Tata: comfortable rates but sometimes weak network coverage.
    So if you going to do lazy sun tourism in major regions I would recommend you Tata.
    Going to explore every hidden part of country go Airtel is your choice.
    Next step buy a SIM card.

    In order to buy prepaid SIM card in India you have to do some extra paper work. Fill Customer Application Form and your passport first page photocopy. No way to avoid it. Also ask sales person about national roaming for your mobile plan. SIM card cost about $3-5. So 10 minutes of your time and you have it.
    The reason why you need Local SIM card is free incoming calls. Next part Freeje. Itís an application for your cell phone to dramatically reduce calls cost. Download it, register and start calling. You going to see call price before call, so it's impossible to be overcharged. By the way you can also call to Skype, just like the same way. Call will be incoming for you and number you dialed.

    Honestly saying, I liked the service, but I have to admit the website hard piece for understanding.

    AT&T offers India roaming for $2.49 with their standard roaming pricing and $2.29 with AT&T World Traveller for $5.99/mo. T-Mobile offers $2.99 *Roaming charges do not include local tolls or long distance charges.
    Most Travel SIM offer calls from India to US for $4.5 minute. They donít have free incoming calls in India. Thatís why price is way too high than roaming rates.
    freeje is just $0.035.
    Choice is yours paying or overpaying.
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