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    SIA “iTIR Solutions” has just released client application “iBK” for the social network “VKontakte” which is well known in Russia and CIS. Unlike other client applications on iTunes Store for “Vkontakte.ru”, which are all around makeup of mobile version of social network, this application has great functionality that has everything: music, messages, photos, and much more.
    Function application «iBK» :
    Viewing news:
    - Navigating to the profile of the friend
    - Recently added new friends by you and your friends
    - New photos, music, notes uploaded to your and your friends wall
    • Ability to preview photos, adding music to your music list and so on.

    Viewing profile your and your friends:
    - Wall
    • Viewing posts, photos, notes and music posted to wall
    • Commenting and discussing posts on the wall
    • Posting to the wall
    - Information about user
    - Photos
    • Navigating to the photos directly from profile

    View friends.
    - Convinient indexing by alphabet
    - Convinient search among friends

    View personal photos:
    - Viewing your albums
    - Creating new albums
    - Viewing your photos with ability to zooming and saving photo to your iPhone
    - Uploading new photos from iPhone library and directly from camera

    View messages:
    - Viewing messages categorized by inbox and sent

    - Adding new question to you Questions
    - Answering or commenting to the questions or answers
    - Deleting questions and answers

    Listen to music from the site:
    - Listening to your music with ability to play next, previous, repeating one melody and shuffling through your music list
    - Searching and adding music to your list

    Talk via chat:
    - Instantly send and receive messages

    Write notes:
    - View, Commenting and discussing notes.

    Application “iBK” successfully tested on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G.
    Application “iBK” is compatible with iOS 4.x.
    Application “iBK” is free.
    [iTunes link]
    2011-02-07 10:41 AM