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    Hey everyone!
    Here is one new iPhone game! It's called "Shoot The Bulb"! It is Fruit ninja style game but you got to tap on bulbs to smash them instead of slicing fruits. It is really addictive 3D game. An original idea with nice graphics and sounds. Try it. The game is really worth. One of the good games lately.


    The goal of the game is to shoot the blue and the green bulbs by tapping on the screen and win as many points as you can. Avoid shooting the red bulbs! You will get a penalty if you miss the correct bulb or shoot the wrong one. After three penalties the game will be over. Yellow bulb is a bonus that removes a penalty or gets extra points.

    Test your reflexes and skills. Play ‘Shoot the bulb’ wherever you are - at home, at work, at school.

    You can also register yourself in Game Center, compete with your friends and track your position on the Leaderboard.


    - 3D Game;
    - Supports Game Center;
    - Supports multitasking;
    - Support of Retina Display;

    App Store Link

    [ame=""]Youtube video[/ame]

    Shoot The Bulb - new addictive game for iPhone!!!-screen1.jpg

    Shoot The Bulb - new addictive game for iPhone!!!-screen2.jpg

    Shoot The Bulb - new addictive game for iPhone!!!-screen5.jpg

    Shoot The Bulb - new addictive game for iPhone!!!-screen3.jpg
    2011-02-09 08:18 PM