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    Hey Guys!!

    'Doodle Jumping Star' has just got a new update and now it's called 'Doodle Bouncing Star'! We have included a Valentines Theme in the Arcade mode with Valentine gadget characters!!

    In Doodle Bouncing Star, you can create your own character to jump up the platforms! Use the editor tool to draw and create your own bouncing stars - You can even import photos from your camera album and edit them using the editor. Help the disposed robots escape from the scrapyard by making them jump as high as possible. Collect Blue points to unlock more characters and costumes!

    - Create your own characters
    - Editor tool to draw and edit pictures from your photo album
    - Moving, springy, broken, electric platforms
    - Items to temporarily enhance characters abilities to jump higher!
    - Points to unlock more characters and costumes
    - Items to Avoid: Mirror, Ice, Weight
    - Submit score to Facebook
    - Game Center support

    ★ Supports iOS 3+
    ★ 2 Game Modes - Classic & Arcade
    ★ Arcade Mode - Random Map
    ★ Valentines Special for the Arcade Mode (New Theme & Characters)
    ★ BG Sound Selection
    ★ Character abilities update

    Check out the trailer:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQSHjsBePXE]YouTube - Doodle Bouncing Star - Happy Valentines Day! [/ame]

    App Store Link:
    Doodle Bouncing Star for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    *You can create the game character by using the in-game editor!

    Valentines Promotion - Only $0.99!!! PROMOTION WILL SOON END!!
    2011-02-14 09:56 AM