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    iSundicator 2.0


    A new app for your summer season!!!


    iSundicatos is a software which can help you to reduce risk of skin cancer when you are exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It is helpful for you when you take outdoor activities, sun bath or play out door sport. With iSundicator, you can define your skin type, ultraviolet index, location type, weather condition … then iSundicator will tell you the time you can stay outside under the sun.

    iSundicator uses formulas from information provided by the WHO and other sources (see terms of use) to calculate the time. You need to set below information:
    Your skin type: There are 6 common skin types in the application, you need to select one. If you are not sure about your skin type, you need to ask doctor
    UVI: Ultraviolet index, the WHO defines it as “The UVI is a simple measure of the UV radiation level at the Earth’s surface”. You can set UVI value, get it from GPS or input your ZIP code to get it. If possible, we prefer you to use GPS or get it from your ZIP code, it will be more accurate
    SPF: sun protection factor of your sunscreen. If you don’t use any sunscreen, you need to set it as the smallest value
    Locations: there are five common locations in the application, you need to select one
    Conditions: About cloudy, snowy …
    After saving your setting, iSundicator will calculate and give you the time to stay outside under the sun. You can start to count down the time. You can also stop, pause and resume your count down time. When the time is passed, iSundicator will notify you by playing a song and vibrate (which you set in the setting page).

    What''s New in Version 2.0
    • You will have a perfect experience with iSundicator 2.0.
    • It have a new user-friendly interface and easy-to-use navigation.
    •It allow you to share your feeling of relaxing and enjoying sunbathing with your friend via social network.
    • You can know the weather 3 days in advance to plan for your holiday
    Size: 3.1 MB z
    Link to App Store: here

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