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    OMI Development is working on its first iPhone game and is planning to release it in 2 weeks from now. Its a fast tapping action/puzzle game where you try to tap as many Tugi's as possible making combinations for more bonus points, but watch it, they move fast.

    The better you are the more combo’s you make. Finding specials give a nice effect with a lot of action and bonus points. Multiple levels to choose from including a mini game. Are you good enough to collect 3 stars on every level?

    But wait thats not all, you can get the game for free. We just created a FaceBook fan page, folow us “Like” and maybe you are one of the lucky winners that get a free promo code for Tugi Tap when we submit the game to the App Store.

    More Screenshots are coming soon! Tell me what you think.
    2011-05-20 02:44 AM