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    Often in life it is necessary to maintain lists of something. For example, a list of products that need to buy a list of papers needed to obtain the documents, a list of what to take with you on the nature or the conference. Options lists are very much in life we often their components, using for this paper and our own brains. But as time goes on, and we suggest you use this application to create and maintain lists. Also, using color schemes, to provide lists of different colors.

    1) Preparation of an unlimited number of lists with an unlimited number of elements
    2) Operations with lists: create and delete records and the lists themselves, sorting (several species, including digital and text), move records
    2) Each entry list - this is the basic data (left) and additional (right), in which you can place text or numeric data
    3) Is the color scheme, each list can be designed with your color scheme. Scheme is also "Basic" is used in all operating windows. In the scheme of change: a) the background color, b) color, font, font size, text, and c) the color, font, font size on the right. You can also change the color of the controls, top and bottom

    Dear customers! This application at this stage is the "frame"or "foundation". Write on e-mail gemba(at)gmail(dot)com its proposals to improve the application and any cost to add functionality. If it is possible - this will be added. Thank you!

    Link in APPSTORE: Color Lists for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
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    2011-06-08 10:36 AM