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    Last week we posted "ModMyi.com Staff's Top 10 Cydia Tweaks". This week we decided to ask everyone what their favorite App Store apps were - and man did we get some weird answers... everything from fart machines to Epocrates. Finally we got it narrowed down to 10. A lot of these everyone has at least heard of, but hopefully you guys will find one in here that maybe you didn't know about and would be a great fit for your lifestyle. Granted there are over 500,000 apps in the App Store - this is just a few common ones that a lot of the staff here uses!

    Here's our top 10

    ModMyi - This one should be a no brainer. It was on every mods list, and usually listed as number 1. If you don't have it you should get it. The ModMyi app makes it simple to stay up to date on the latest Apple news, postings, and much more. The ModMyi app is the quickest way hands down to stay in touch with our community.

    And a reminder if you have tried it and it didn't work - the app has recently been updated to support all firmwares 3.x and up.

    for the last 3 years. The point of this game is to smash through obstacles to get the evil pigs. Each level and phase gets more and more difficult and is tons of fun. A must have for anyone!

    Navigon - This is one of the best navigation systems you can get. The fact it is on your phone makes it even better. Navigon Voice announcements, live weather, 2D and 3D modes, and day and night display are just some of the features it has. You will never get lost on your way to the Apple Store with this awesome navigator!

    SplashID - This is way more than just a password safe. SplashID will keep everything from account numbers to prescriptions safe. 256-bit encryption keeps all your personal info safe and locked away. Personally in addition to SplashID's high security measures, I like that it also allows you to sync with your computer which makes for quick editing.

    Post Secret - A funny and awesome app if you need a good laugh. Post Secret shows you secrets that people send via postcard and put out for the world to see. We love opening this app to see what we might get - you just never know.

    Osfoora - For all you Twitter addicts out there that can't seem to stop blowing up my time line every 30 seconds. If you haven't got Osfoora, you're missing out. This is the best and most integrated Twitter client out there. A few of us mods have been using it for a while without complaint. Makes it super easy to keep in touch with all your tweeps!

    PS - Please stop blowing up my time line! "You know who you guys are"

    Remote - Remote is a great way for us lazy people to be even lazier. Connect to WiFi and open up the app, and you will be able to control your Apple TV or your iTunes from your computer. This app is free, simple, and awesome!

    ESPN ScoreCenter - Great app for anyone who is into sports! ESPN Score Center gives you live updates on just about any sport. You can select specific teams that you want to keep track of and set alerts for when the game starts, ends, quarters, and innings.

    CNN - A truly "news now" app. Get the latest news straight on your device. Watch it live and get breaking news alerts.

    DropBox - This is an online storage application that allows you to upload pictures, videos, and documents wherever you are. This is the best cloud sharing out there right now (with iCloud around the corner). DropBox is a free service and is great for work, college, or anything where you saved something to your computer but you're out and need it now.

    Other honorable mentions: Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, Apple Store, Shazam.

    And yes, we know we missed _______, your "ABSOLUTE BEST APP EVER!!!!!!!!!!" pick. Share it with us! Let's see what everyone is loving on their iDevices.
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    I see I wasnt asked...... awkward
    2011-09-11 06:02 AM
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    Lol stray
    2011-09-11 06:21 AM
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    Me? Blowing up your timeline?
    2011-09-11 07:56 PM
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    ESPN ScoreCenter FTW!!
    2011-09-11 08:14 PM
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    2011-09-11 08:32 PM
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    2011-09-11 08:45 PM
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    Me? Blowing up your timeline?
    He stopped following me cuz I was too much of a stud
    2011-09-11 08:55 PM
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    I wanna see more of the weird ones
    2011-09-11 09:12 PM
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    i would much rather see a cydia top ten cause theres no tab in the cydia store for top 25 like there is in appstore
    2011-09-11 09:29 PM
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    Already done... Check first post for link
    2011-09-11 09:31 PM
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    There is a thread already
    2011-09-11 09:31 PM
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    I would add Wifi photo. It let's you get your camera roll on your PC. Shazaam - you know what it does. Sky+ - For UK users you can set your TV to record any programme wherever you are. Priceless when you get stuck at work/traffic.
    2011-09-11 09:36 PM
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    Must have (in no particular order): Words With Friends, GoodReader, The Weather Channel, LatestChatty (Shacknews), Units, Living Earth, AppShopper, Boost 2 Edge + Edge Extended, 7 Little Words, Modmyi, Firefox Home, The rest of the 350,000 apps are optional
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    Must have- Modmyi,Reckless Racing,Netflix,Ufc app!,Mmatorch,eBay, Pandora, Hd wallpapers, Fandango, and Imdb!Nice list's though
    2011-09-11 10:19 PM
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    Wow how could Onavo not be on the list, you really didnt think that list out at all.
    2011-09-11 10:43 PM
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    Good job Cowboy!
    2011-09-11 10:49 PM
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    Better remove that image from this post. It resembles a rectangle, and we know Apple has the exclusive rights to that shape.
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    That's a nice looking app store icon though ...
    2011-09-11 11:30 PM
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    Better remove that image from this post. It resembles a rectangle, and we know Apple has the exclusive rights to that shape.
    Best. Comment. Ever.
    2011-09-12 01:09 AM
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