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    On my iPhone-3, I could type in some combo, which I've forgotten', that would bring up an internal screen with data about the signal-strength of the tower(s) you are working through.

    I'd found this invaluable when I had to explain to AT&T that, yes, I really have no service cuz your tower was hit by lightning.

    I have that problem with AT&T right now and I need to access to engineering screen on my iPhone-4 so I can verify the received level in dBm. I have no service and they tell me I do.

    Anyone know of an App or key-combo which will let me see the signal data and other components?

    Thanks .
    2011-09-11 05:17 PM
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    FieldTest is the app name

    Edit: forgot the last *
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    2011-09-11 05:26 PM
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    FieldTest is the app name

    Edit: forgot the last *
    YES! That was it. Thanks for that one too.

    I did a search in "App Store" for both fieldtest and field test ... neither of which resulted in find .. from my iPhone anyway.

    OK .. I see ... FieldTest.app and Demo.app, ON the iPhone but hidden ... which them begs the next question ..how do I get there. Or, what will you have me read to get smarter so I can get to that app on my iPhone-4 ?

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    2011-09-11 07:54 PM
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    FieldTest is a stock Apple app in the Applications directory.
    2011-09-11 07:57 PM
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    OK. On the iPhone-3 I believe I used Moto4lin .. but that may have been what I used prior to the iPhone. Nonetheless, what program do I need to gain access to reading the drive, on the iPhone 4, please?

    & thanks for ur time
    2011-09-11 08:26 PM
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    Huh? Reading the drive?
    2011-09-11 08:33 PM
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    ok .. I haven't tried to use the computer (and subsequent app pn it) to read anything, via USB-linked to the iPhone-4 as I've down in hte past with other smartfones I have owned.

    So, since I can't see any folders on my iPhone-4, I can't look for the existent FieldTest.app that resides on it.
    So I can't run it, I guess is what I am saying. And obviously, I am not savvy enough to kow how to make my own app to read the "drive" as I cal it, the storage area, on my own iPhone.
    2011-09-11 08:43 PM
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    Well, programs like OpenSSH on the iPhone and winscp or an ssh or iphinebrowser access files/folders on the iPhone. Is most cases, they're for lookie only and can't/don't 'Start an app !
    2011-09-11 08:46 PM
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    then that leads me to 'what process do I take to run FieldTest.app on my iPhone?'

    or email it to me. either way, I'd like to read the Sig-strength of that tower, here. It used to average, on a clear day, circa -87dNm. When the tower took a hit, it was -101 to -101 "if" my Three was accurate/calibrated. NTL, it verified that the xmtr was not getting/putting full power out of the antenna(s) atop the tower. And that ultimately brought the repair tech out.

    2011-09-11 09:02 PM
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    The only current way I know to start Field Test is with the phone app: Enter: *3001#12345#* + Call
    2011-09-11 09:05 PM
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    Well, I dunno hmo I "didn't" get that to work for me ... then after ur reply I did. However, I have typed it in a couple more times, to test, and it seems I can be perfect and still it goes to actually try to make outgoing call .... and sometimes it goes straight to engineering screen ... dunno

    That said, I like the previous iPhone-3 screens ... the only useful thing I see today is the signal level in dBm for the main tower, is in the "Bars" area, upper-left of the screen.

    In my case, today, it fluctuates from -75 (Strong) to -112 ( no service here) within a minutes time. I shall try to get the ignorant ATT Service-Repair people ti understand. Mind you, earlier today I got a text message saying they'd investigated the "Case" and it was resolved.

    We still have no service. Clearly they did not visit the tower-site.

    If there was another provider, we'd take it.

    Thanks a lot for the help. Really.
    2011-09-12 01:22 AM
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    You're welcome
    2011-09-12 01:30 AM