1. Shots20's Avatar
    So does anyone knowing there is an App that kills/turns off all other Apps that run in the background and drain battery life. Oh, and yes I do know how to hit the home screen button & do it manually. Thanks
    2011-10-22 03:18 AM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    1. Double tap your home button. When you double tap the home button your multitask view will appear.
    2. Tap and hold the app icon you want to close, just as you would on the home screen to rearrange icons or delete an app.
    3. Hold the app icon until a red “-” button appears in the left-hand corner of the icon.
    4. To close the app, tap on the red button in the corner of the app you want to close.
    Now your app will actually be closed and will free some of that memory on your iPhone and save your battery life
    2011-10-22 03:26 AM
  3. Cer0's Avatar
    If you are jailbroken: RemoveBG (RemoveBackground) is the app I liked that did that with a single tap.
    2011-10-22 03:43 AM
  4. Broomhead's Avatar
    Thanks cer0. Didn't know the jailbroken cydia app, but I went ahead and posted the double tap method for others... Even tho the op already knew it
    2011-10-22 03:45 AM
  5. Shots20's Avatar
    Thanks for the info.

    I guess there is no App Store App. Similar to JB to turn of Apps.
    2011-10-22 03:49 AM
  6. Cer0's Avatar
    Nope. An app like that cannot be in the Apple Appstore because it would operate outside the sandbox that Apple tells devs. Apps can only control themself.
    2011-10-22 05:10 AM