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    Would you like to cherish the precious moments of your life with perfect photo albums? Would you like to experience the magic of turning your pictures more wonderful and fantastic? Or make a calendar with the beautiful pictures of your beloved ones? PhotoStudio can make a difference for your pictures and photos with all the powerful functions! Use your imagination to make your pictures and photos much more lively and fabulous, use PhotoStudio to help you finish the entire editing job.

    PhotoStudio can make the effects of the photos and pictures more perfect with various functions for adjusting the tone and colors.

    You can choose freely from Blur, Color Adjust, Color Effect, Enhance, Generate, Half Tone and Stylize, to make your photos seem like more lively, dynamic and beautiful.

    PhotoStudio is featured with The Layer function, which enables you to combine several photos and pictures together to a more integrated one and then you may edit each layer independently.

    Picture editing will have much more fun and joy with PhotoStudio! Get your own style and fashion for your photo in PhotoStudio and make the beauty stay in the photo forever. A moment can be eternal with PhotoStudio, seize the wonder of the day and make it better with PhotoStudio!

    PhotoStudio is available in Mac App Store for 39.99$ Now!
    Mac App Store - Photo Studio

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