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    Hi! My my first app for iOS and Android just went live after long development!
    Here are some screenshots and info. Hope you like it!


    Odd One Out: Candytilt is physics based puzzle game for iOS- and Android devices.

    Puzzles in Odd One Out: Candytilt are solved by adding or removing ground to create pathways for the gum balls. The levels rotate based on where you place the ground - try to keep the balance or just bring the whole mess around and let gravity sort the gum balls out. Rotating blades, bubbles, ropes and other objects either aid or hinder you in your attempts to get the odd one out and make every level different.

    • Fresh take on physics based puzzle gameplay
    • Dynamic destructible environment interacting with physics
    • 168 levels in 7 worlds including unlockable bonus world
    • 3 star based ranking on each level
    • Various new objects are introduced throughout the game, which modify the game play and puzzles
    • Game Center (iOS) and OpenFeint (Android) achievements
    • Particle effects
    • No loading times after initial load
    • Oldschool vibes in soundtrack

    Release info:
    iOS: Game is out in New Zealand and will be available world wide during Thursday (15th December).
    Android: Available now!

    Price is: 1$ USD / 0.7 EUR

    Requires iOS 3.2 and works on iPad too. Android version requires Android 2.2.

    AppStore: App Store - Odd One Out: Candytilt
    Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.vuo.oddoneout

    Youtube trailer:
    Web: Vuo Games
    Twitter: Twitter
    2011-12-15 01:25 AM
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    Lite version is now available for free

    Check it out and feel free to leave impression about the game here!
    2012-02-08 02:51 PM