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    Painting can be so simple and enjoyable with Painter! Now, please open Painter and become an actual painter with all these practical and profound functions. Painter makes painting much easier and full of joy. Draw the beauty in your life with Painter and paint your own fantastic image. Creativity is limitless, just paint beyond the boundaries and make your image much more fantastic with Painter!

    Painter provides you with powerful text processing function; freely choose your own fonts, color, and style. You can also adjust your text format with Kern, Ligature and Baseline function.

    Essential basic painting functions, such as pencil, eraser, brush, color bucket and so on. Painter meets your standard and primary painting needs in an effective way.

    Support Gray Scale Slider, RGB/CMYK/HSB Sliders adjustment. Make your image much more bright and brilliant.

    Ready to start your brand new painting journey with Painter at your hand? No hesitation, no consideration, just grab the painting brush and paint your picture in the very best, very personal way! Painter helps you to be the talented with all your wonderful ideas and techniques!

    Painter is available in App Store for $19.99
    Mac App Store - Painter

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    2011-12-21 06:22 AM