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    Here is some information on the version 1.4 update for Toddler Time! - Christmas.

    What's New:
    Integrated SmarTots Parents Center.
    Audio timers adjusted to remove overlap.
    Navigation behaviour has been changed.

    Toddler Time! - Christmas is an amazing way to educate your young children using the iPhone or iPod Touch.
    With fun animations, high quality images, professional voice talent and easy navigation Toddler Time! - Christmas encourages children to repeat and copy - helping to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge. The fun sound effects and eye-catching colors add an excitement which will keep them engrossed every time they use the app.


    - Integrated SmarTots Parents Center.
    - Great Professional Voice Talent provided by Amazing Voice™.
    - Uncompressed audio files for maximum clarity.
    - High resolution images and graphics.
    - Multitasking enabled.
    - Four fun animations; a swinging Bell, flickering Candle, sparkling Christmas Tree and a twinkling Star.
    - Four menus to choose from; "Advent Calendar", "Christmas Characters", "Twelve Days Of Christmas" and "Food".

    - The "Advent Calendar" option consists of 25 different screens, one for each day of December. Touch the calendar to reveal the picture for that day.

    - The "Christmas Characters" option consists of 9 different screens, each with a speech button that describes the character. Touch the picture for a fun sound effect.

    - The "Twelve Days Of Christmas" option consists of 12 different screens, each screen with a line from the song "Twelve Days Of Christmas" and a picture to go with the lyric.

    - The "Food" option consists of 10 different screens, each with a speech button for the festive food on display.

    This app features SmarTots.
    SmarTots provides learning reports and mobile education app reviews that help parents understand what their children are learning. Signing up for SmarTots also gives parents access to fun activities that enhance the educational value of mobile education apps like this one. Click the Parents Center Button inside this app to get these great features.

    With over 60 pictures, 57 screens, 64 spoken words, 10 sound effects and 4 animations, Toddler Time! - Christmas is a must-have educational application for any parent to own as a fun teaching aid for the festive period.


    View Toddler Time! - Christmas version 1.4 in iTunes.

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