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    I just jailbroke a iphone 3g to bring it over to anothe carrier. Now that i have Cydia, I hear about all these wonderful things, like free apps, books, movies etc. I have no ideal how this works or where to find them, can anyone please explain how this works and where to go. I would like to learn more about this and utilise the full potential. I tried finding more in the forums but seem to have a hard time navigating to find what i am looking for. but horay to me for Jailbreaking my phone (it only took about 12hrs or research). Thanks
    2012-01-26 05:27 PM
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    Hello! is anybody there? I hope i didn't post in the wrong place.
    2012-01-26 09:05 PM
  3. Jahooba's Avatar
    If you mean pirating media, this is not the website to ask such things.

    If you want legally free programs, open Cydia and at the bottom you'll see a tab for "Sections" - open that up and start browsing!
    2012-02-03 08:38 PM
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    After all of this SOPA/PIPA act and the congress trying to put away piracy for good - I highly recommend you to start considering that downloading a copyrighted service/product/app that you did not pay for and wasn't free can get you into serious trouble but of course you might be thinking, how come a lot of people do it. Well the answer is simple, they just haven't got caught or warned yet, but if you look for people that actually got into trouble for downloading products/services/apps/ any type of media illegally, you will actually find a lot of people as well!

    Like the post above you should go for the legally free programs and try to avoid illegal download/sharing.
    If you want to download movies legally, you should check out download movies legally

    Hope this helps you!
    2012-02-10 07:53 PM