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    I've searched high and low, I've e-mailed the developer and the company... I can't get this app to stop crashing, I've even went as far as to reformat my iPhone 4S.

    To make a long story short, I absolutely LOVE ScoreMobile (do yourself a favor and grab it if you're a sports freak like me) and when I first got my iPhone (about a month ago) I saw it in the AppStore and downloaded it. I did check the reviews and saw that day someone had given it 1 star because they said it was crashing. Low and behold I've had the same problem but ever since that day, I haven't seen one bad review and as I stated before, I've searched Google, other forums, etc and nobody else seems to have this problem.

    Has anyone ever heard of apps doing this? If I downloaded this a day later would I have gotten no problem? Pleaseee help me out. I am jailbroken now (when I first downloaded it I wasn't) and I am pretty tech savvy so I could SSH in and don't mind modding files and what not.

    I beg for some help with this, thanks...
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